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The Post Guard . . .Your Bollard Protector

Cover, Bumper, Sleeve . . . What Do Your Bollard Covers?

The Post Guard is a High Density plastic sleeve, which is designed to easily slide over existing posts to make them maintenance free. Upon installation of our Bollard Covers it is no longer necessary to scrape and paint your ugly bollard posts on a regular basis. This Bollard Cover is UV resistant, scrape resistant and comes in vibrant colors. The Post Guard’s molded plastic construction is easy on the eyes and is also more forgiving to a customer's painted car surfaces than painted steel or cement. The Post Guard instantly improves your property's appearance, visibility and safety. The Post Guards can also be installed on existing traffic control sign posts such as handicap, stop signs and other directional signs.  Bollard Covers are not only money saving devices, but they enhance the appearance of any ugly bollard.

No Painting Needed – Ever!

If you have cement bollards protecting your facility and drive-thrus and you have to paint them on a regular basis, eliminate the time and cost by installing our bollard covers called Post Guards. You will never have to scrape off the rust and paint them ever again.

The Post Guard Advantage:The Post Guard Family

  Recessed 3M reflective stripes increase daytime and
      nighttime visibility
Included foam strips assure a simple permanent 

►  Molded plastic is more forgiving to a customer’s painted
      car surface than painted steel
►  The number of sizes and extended available lengths
      assures complete coverage of any post

  5 year UV protection for maximum fade resistance and is
      designed for all weather conditions

  Post Guards can be custom trimmed for your application
  Post Guards are in stock and available now. 


Simon on site, ready to provide
another Post Guard solution!

The picture below shows Simon, The Post Guard, at work. If you look on the left, you see an ugly, rusty, unsightly bollard. Once Simon able to cover the bollard with the Post Guard, it looks great! No painting or scraping is required to beautify this bollard where it is the parking lot of an industrial brick building. 

Simon with post guard

The Post Guard is available in a variety of colors.

 Post Guard comes in a variety of colors.

New Lime Green Post Guard                                                      Affordable property protection.                                                                                                           

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